What's on your ballot

The first step to making an informed vote is to know what's going to be on your ballot! Learn more about the different offices that represent you below.

This information is for the 2021 Consolidated Election. We'll be updating this page with resources for the 2022 elections soon!


Who represents you:

Learn more about who you can vote for at the various levels of government. 

Municipal Offices

A "municipality" refers to a city, town, or village. Some of these municipal offices may be on your ballot this year:
  • Mayor / President
  • Municipal council - the members of the council are often called "aldermen" or "councillors"
  • Clerk


Township Offices

A township is a subdivision of a county - each township contains many municipalities. Township offices include:

  • Supervisor
  • Trustee
  • Assessor
  • Clerk
  • Highway Commissioner

School boards

K-12 School Board

The school board manages the elementary, middle, and high schools in your district. They make decisions about funding and help set the curricula and direction for your schools.

Community College District

The community college board approves the budget, hires the college president, and sets the college mission. Members of the board are called trustees. Learn more about their role here.

Regional board of schools trustees

This board hears petitions for changes in school district boundaries. There are generally 7 trustees on each board. You can read more about how these boards are created here.

Other offices:

Fire Protection Board

The fire protection board is responsible for managing the money for a fire department, hiring the fire chief and firefighters, and helping ensure community safety. The members of the board are called trustees. Learn more about the fire protection board here.

Park District

The park district board decides policies to make the park district run efficiently and effectively. They monitor finances and help establish a strategic vision for long-term goals for park district programs and facilities. Learn more about the park district here.

Library District

The library board maintains library facilities, manages the budget, and hires librarians. Library trustees serve a variety of term lengths.

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