What's on your ballot

The first step to making an informed vote is to know what's going to be on your ballot! Learn more about the different offices that represent you below.

Illinois voters will also get to decide whether to amend the tax structure in the Constitution this year, so make sure to check out that information too!


Who represents you:

Learn more about who you can vote for at the various levels of government. 

Federal and State Offices

For this election, you'll be able to vote for the following federal and state executive and legislative positions:
  • President
  • Senator (one seat is up for election in Illinois)
  • Representative
  • State Senator (the terms are staggered, so your State Senator may or may not be up for election this year)
  • State Representative

Other statewide positions like governor, attorney general, comptroller, and treasurer are elected every 4 years in midterm elections - they'll be on the ballot next in 2022. 


County Offices

You have a lot of people represent you at the county level too! For this election, you may be able to vote for the following county positions: 
  • Board/commission
  • Treasurer
  • Sheriff
  • Clerk
  • Recorder
  • Coroner
  • Forest Preserve Commissioner
  • Auditor
  • State's Attorney
  • Sanitary District Trustee
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner

Each county handles things a little differently, so not all of these offices will appear on your ballot - some positions are combined, and others are appointed rather than elected in some counties. Learn more about these positions here.

Judicial Offices

Depending on where you live in Illinois, you may have a lot of judges to vote for! Judges represent specific districts in Illinois, which is different from how most states handle it. You'll vote for judges to the following courts:
  • Illinois Supreme Court
  • Illinois Appellate Courts
  • Circuit Courts
  • Sub-Circuits

Learn more about the courts here.

The Illinois State Bar Association evaluates every judicial candidate based on their qualifications. You can find their nonpartisan recommendations for your county here. 

Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment

It's kind of a mouthful, but this amendment is a big deal! Voters will decide whether to change the Illinois Constitution and remove the requirement of a flat income tax rate (where everyone is taxed at the same percentage regardless of income level). 

  • yes vote would allow the state to put in place a graduated income tax (by repealing the constitutional requirement that personal income tax rates are flat)
  • no vote would prevent the state from changing the tax structure (by keeping in place the constitutional requirement that personal income tax rates are flat)

Find out more about the language of the amendment here.

Find out more about what this would mean for Illinois here.

Find out more about how your tax rate would change here.

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