Social Media Tool Kit

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to reach young voters!

We've created a tool kit for our past graphics so you can download them and share them on your personal and organization social media pages.

We just ask that you tag us (@ballot.z) when you share! 

Why use social media to talk about voting?

Election authorities across the state have asked for help spreading reputable information about voting online, and that's where you come in! 

People are more likely to vote when they know others are voting and when they are familiar with voting procedure. Posting about elections online helps with both of these! Don't underestimate your impact on your network - a little nudge from friends and family goes a long way in getting people out to vote. 

If you want voices in your community to be heard, use your platform to encourage them to vote! We've included all of our past infographics in a convenient Google drive for you to download and share online. Please contact us at with any questions. 

Questions about voting?

We'd love to help!


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