Become a Poll Worker!

Elections are critical for democracy, which means that we need people working at the polls to make sure they run smoothly. This year because of COVID-19, we’re facing a nationwide poll worker shortage and really need more people to step up. Fortunately in Illinois, it’s easy to sign up to be a poll worker!

Power the Polls has created an awesome resource to help poll workers sign up across the country. Find information for Illinois below:
All you need to do is
  • be at least 16 – yes, you can be a poll worker even if you’re not old enough to vote!
  • be a resident of and registered voter in the county**
  • complete a training session before the election
  • work a long (but rewarding!) day on November 3rd  

** Students enrolled at Illinois colleges and universities can serve as poll workers without being registered to vote in the county!

Other great reasons to be a poll worker (beyond helping save democracy, of course):
  • You’ll get paid! In Illinois, election authorities generally pay each poll worker between $100-$200, and some pay even more.
  • Election Day is a state holiday this year – what better way to celebrate?

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