Early Voting

Vote in person before Election Day! Skip crowds and lines and vote whenever it's most convenient for you.

Early voting starts 40 days before the election, and all early voting locations will be open by June 13. 

You can also register to vote at any early voting location! All you need to do is bring two pieces of ID (one with your current address). Find out more here. 


You can vote at any early voting location in your county.

Find the locations and hours here:

If you requested your mail-in ballot but would now prefer to vote in person,
you can do that! 
  • Just bring your mail-in ballot with you! You’ll surrender it to the poll workers and then vote regularly. 
  • If you don’t have your ballot, you’ll sign an affidavit saying that you’re only voting once and then you’ll cast a provisional ballot (these are counted separately).

Questions about voting?

We`d love to help!


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